Contemporary Small Press

Small Press Audiobook Project FAQ for Publishers

FAQ for publishers interested in nominating their books

Will our press be required to adapt the text or cast and hire actors?

No. The CSP Audiobook Project will work with our partners at Cast Iron Radio [link to website) to cast actors and to seek regional producers (where appropriate) to produce the audiobook to a high-quality standard. Skilled actors. No frills. As far as possible it will be one reader/actor per book. 

Is there a specific platform used to retail these audiobooks?

Not at present as we’re in the early stages but we aim for the presses to have as much control of this as possible. 

So, we, as a small press, will not have to pay towards the costs of the audiobook production?

That is correct. We are fundraising with various trusts, including the Arts Council, with the aim of producing the audiobooks for the presses to sell. 

What will we be required to do to publish the audiobook?

You will need to ensure that you have the relevant rights, be able to supply cover design imagery and have all of the usual things in place that allow you to publish your print books. 

Who will own the audio rights for the books that the Small Press Audiobooks Project choose to produce?

The presses own the audio rights (unless they belong to the author). The press will need to ensure the author agrees the audiobook reader. The press will contract the audiobook reader (in this case with help from the audiobook producer) who will be paid an agreed fee for the reading.

What about income from sales?

SPA will negotiate the best deal for the sale of the book on a specific platform and the sales profit will belong to the press, though there will be a requirement (TBA) for a percentage of sales to be ploughed back into the press' next audiobook.