Contemporary Small Press

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Add your small press resource

We would love to hear from anybody who works with small presses to help produce or sell or promote or edit or proofread or whatever else.

Our new resources directory is ready and able to begin to list resources from anyone who wishes to list their service within it. Independent bookshops, proofreaders, printers, editors, book designers, typesetters, literary prizes and organisations, small literary magazines (online and print), literary podcasts, translators, specialist libraries and anyone else who works to produce and promote small press books please do get in touch if you want to be added to the directory.

Please send an email to: L.Wilson [at] westminster [dot] ac [dot] uk to request that we add your resource if you are not already listed. Due to GDPR, we can't add any more information than:

  • your resource name
  • your resource website (this can be your Twitter or Facebook page or Instagram resource but via the public URL and not the handle (i.e. and not @your_resource).
  • a large high-res single portrait image that best represents either yourself, your shop or the resource that you provide.

Please Note: We realise some categories will not really be as suited to images or will only be suited to images should the person involved wish to submit one so in the event that you have no image ideas a placeholder image representing book production more generally). We particularly encourage book designers and independent bookshops to submit an image of their work. The image and directory layout will look similar to one of the press directory pages if you need an idea of how it will work.

  • the city in which you are based
  • the region of the UK in which you are based.
  • one or two paragraphs that describe your business. For bookshops, we suggest listing your physical address of course and feel free to let us know if you offer online click and/or collect services.

We hope to add the details of your resources within around a week of you sending an email across (and often very much sooner) but please be patient as we are a small team who only work on the directory for a few hours per week.