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Charco means 'puddle' in Spanish. It is also a colloquialism used in some Latin American countries to refer to the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, cruzar el charco means 'crossing the puddle' and is a way of referring to when someone is going overseas, or travelling between continents.

Charco Press focuses on finding outstanding contemporary Latin American literature and bringing it to new readers in the English-speaking world. We aim to act as a cultural and linguistic bridge for you to be able to access a brand new world of fiction that has, until now, been missing from your reading list.

It is an exciting time to be discovering and reading Latin American literature given the vast and rich array of works coming out of this region, the diversity of voices. Charco Press is only able to represent a tiny amount – indeed, a small ‘puddle’- compared to the ocean of talent that exists out there. We actively seek out those authors that are exemplary, that produce works that are not only entertaining, but also engaging and thought provoking. And we are proud to be bringing them to you.

We also consider our translators to be a critical part of the equation. They are the conduits bringing our authors' voices to you, and it is their interpretation, their attention to the nuances, that makes the difference. We select contemporary translators, to give our authors a modern voice. Charco Press is doing things differently in this regard, stepping away from the mainstream, and bringing in emerging talent from the margins.