Contemporary Small Press

Hesterglock Press

South West

​Hesterglock Press is co-run by Sarer Scotthorne & Bob Modem // Paul Hawkins. We started in 2013, publishing themed, pocket-sized poetry anthologies under the name of Boscombe Revolution, as well as hand-made pamphlets of flash fiction and poetry. In 2016 we began to use print-on-demand services, which enabled us to start publishing books (without any start-up capital or other middle-class finance model(s)), publishing mainly experimental/innovative poetry.

We've organised many readings, book launches, literature events and co-curate (along with Sad Press & Moot Press) ANATHEMA, a monthly series of experimental poetry/writing events in Bristol and further afield. 

We make positive links between non-profit & literary / artistic / political worth, as opposed to predominant corporate, capitalist values of financial return/profit/monetary worth.

In April '18 we started up a new imprint, Prote(s)xt, to reflect some new ideas. To experiment with a different model.

Prote(s)xt was established to publish work that is radical, affordable, experimental & anti-systems of oppression, intersectional, across form(s) & across discipline(s):

  • we sell at cost price
  • authors set their own price for selling their books  
  • all Prote(s)xt books share the same cover art & layout
  • we publish via the best suited print-on-demand provider for each book/project

By supporting us; buying books, networking, collaborating, connecting, asking questions etc you're also supporting the authors and will be helping to sustain our ongoing commitment to publishing radical & challenging books, collaborating with other artists and writers on projects that don't / won't make a million, but may well make a difference or a change.

Hesterglock Press / Prote(s)xt also aims to actively publish marginalised poets/writers who, for example, identify as working-class, &/or B.A.M.E. &/or gender-fluid &/or disabled by society whose work is radical, experimental & anti-systems of oppression, intersectional, across form(s) & across discipline(s).