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Pamenar Press


Pamenar Press is an independent, cross-cultural, multilingual, experimental publisher, founded in September 2019 by Ghazal Mosadeq and based in the UK, Canada, and Iran. We run workshops and reading series in London, Tehran, and Toronto, and we are currently developing a residency programme for writers and translators around the world. Our online magazine showcases experimental poetry by writers from a variety of linguistic and cultural backgrounds. We have recently published Nature of Objects, a collection by the acclaimed Chilean poet Carlos Soto-Rom├ín, as well as Temporary Spaces, an anthology of visual poetry edited by Astra Papachristodoulou and Nic Stringer. This year, we hope to publish Singing about Melon, the debut collection of poetry by Luke Thompson, as well as work by Iranian writer Shirin Adl and experimental playwright Sophie Seita, among others.