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Strangers Press

East of England

Strangers Press is focused on publishing literary translations and international writing in innovative or creative ways. We’re particularly interested in the idea of translation as a form of cultural exchange – that cultures might learn things about each other, in multiple ways, through the process – and seek to publish in innovative formats or ways that celebrate or foreground that, in collaboration with the British Centre for Literary Translation, University of East Anglia, and The National Centre for Writing.

We take our name from The Strangers of the 16th century: a group of economic migrants to the East of England from the Spanish Netherlands invited to help boost the nation's textile industry, among other things. Our logo references a Flemish gable - in connection with their legacy - and suggests transition from one state to another. One of the first initiatives undertaken locally by some of The Strangers was the establishment of a printing press. They later went into the wine pressing business, as it was more lucrative…